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At Dan's Tree Surgeon we have many years of tree service experience with a wide variety of tree work. We have lightweight equipment that allows us to work in even the tightest spaces, including large and small chippers, a backyard machine and a bucket machine for the tallest jobs. However, our most valuable asset is our staff, which works hard on each job to be sure it's completed efficiently. Whether you have a large job or a small one, we can help with a variety of services.

Services that We Provide


Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding services can remove the remnants of old trees from your property. These can pose a hazard to kids and pets alike, and it's best to have them taken care of by professionals.
When your trees are no longer looking their best, our revitalization tree services can help breathe new life into your yard. We take a creative approach to rethinking your space in order to give these older trees a fresh new look.

Tree Rejuvenation


Tree Trimming

As tree surgeons, we believe we're responsible for doing our part to help the environment. We can do trimming and pruning to help many trees recover and become beautiful and healthy again. Being properly trimmed helps aid in new growth and allows the tree to regain its health.
Removing trees completely is really a last resort by our tree service, but it sometimes must be done for safety reasons as there are some trees that just can't recover. Our program for tree rejuvenation allows us to look at each tree individually to decide the best course of action.

Tree Removal


Backyard Bucket Machine

Our tree service offers a compact machine that allows access to hard to reach areas with minimal damage

Additional Services


Brushes & Shrubs

  • Removal
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Disposal